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Adult male yellowbelly



Albino western hognose



Assorted corns (on special)



Assorted dart frogs



B grade hypo boa female



Blue iguana



Blue tongue skink



California king



Fantasy pacman



Female hypo central american boa



Female superdwarf supertiger



Fire ball



Frilled lizard



Guyana redtail boas



Het albino western hognose



Lavender motley goldenchild retic



Male firefly



Male Motley het purple retic



Normal Het Retics



Ornate pacman



Pinstripe ball



Sailfin dragon



Suriname redtail boas



Tomato frog



Veiled chameleon



Adult male albino goldenchild


Adult male green tree monitor


Asian leaf turtle


Breeder male pinstripe


Breeder male spider


Genetic stripe retics


Het Genetic Stripe retics


High percentage superdwarf retics


Lavender suntiger retics


Medium redfoot


Platium het stripe retics


Possible het snow boas


Purple sunfire retics


Purple suntiger retics


Red eye tree frogs


Sunfire het stripe retics



Hatchling sulcata



Long tailed grass lizard



Pure Selayer dwarf retics



Sinaloan milk


Assorted baby sand boas



Red Nigerian Uromastyx



African Bullfrog



Red and Green Iguanas



Baby Redfoot Tortoises



Baby bearded dragons



CBB Ball pythons, frozen thawed feeders


Rosehair tarantula

Invertebrates in Stock!!
Antilles pinktoe
Black satan
Panay blue
Orphnaceus sp
Socotra Island blue baboons
Tawny red baboon 
Green bottle blue
Chaco golden knee
Poecilotheria hannumavilasumica
Poecilotheria subfusca 
Chilean gold fluff
Marshall horned baboon
Short horned baboon
Thai tiger

Yellow dune scorpion
Singapore blue
Cobalt blue tarantula
Red claw scoprion
Flat rock scorpion
Desert Hairy scorpion
Trinidad olives
Asian forest scorpions
Mexican redknee
Fire leg
Starburst baboon
King baboon
Brazilian red and white
Vietnamese centipede
Brazilian pinkblood
Fringed Ornamental
Salmon Birdeater
Zebra, Zebra "Blue'
Trinidad Pinktoe
Ornamental baboon
Trinidad chevron
Emerald skeleton
Featherleg baboon
Gooty sapphire
Ghost ornamental
Dwarf Blue diamond